International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles: Next Generation Nuclear Systems for Sustainable Development (FR17)

Ekaterinburg-EXPO, Yekaterinburg, June 26-29, 2017
Organized by: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Hosted by: Government of the Russian Federation
through: State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom"

Excursion program

Group Yekaterinburg Sightseeing tour

"Concern Rosenergoatom" JSC - operator of Russian nuclear power plants, in honor of its 25th anniversary, invites participants to take part in a group excursion around Ekaterinburg.

This exciting excursion program will get you acquainted with the past, present and future of Yekaterinburg, it is a great opportunity to see its main sights:

  • the place where Yekaterinburg city-factory was founded in 1723 (Plotinka), with the alley of Historical Square of giant Ural minerals
  • a city pond bank, ancient manors and Yekaterinburg-City, a modern commercial district of the Urals capital: October Square, the Presidential Palace, the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center
  • the place of execution of the Tzar’s family members, where nowadays one of the three Russian Church on Blood and the Patriarchal Metochion are located
  • unique buildings of the constructivism style
  • renowned theaters, winners of golden masks and awards: the Opera House, the Theater of Musical Comedy

Duration of tour – 3 hours
Dates – 25th and 30th of June
Time options – 10:00, 12:00, 14:00


To confirm your participation in Sightseeing tour, please send a request
with participant names and preferable date and time to



Options of individual excursion tours

1. Last Days of the Last Russian Tsar, 3-4 hours, daytime

Guests will visit one of the three Russian Churches on Blood and a peculiar orthodox complex — the Ganina Yama monastery — built in the Old Russian style; learn the destiny of the last Emperor of Russia Nicholas II (Romanov), light candles in front of miraculous icons, stand near the Penitential Cross.

During the bus tour you will see all what is interesting in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region.

1-2 persons 3–6 persons 7–9 persons 10-15 persons 16-18 persons 19- 25 persons 26-30 persons 31-35 persons 36-42 persons
110 EUR 135 EUR 165 EUR 188 EUR 198 EUR 223 EUR 230 EUR 233 EUR 253 EUR
Extras: Tickets at Ganina Yama – 1.7 EUR per person, not less than 17 EUR for group


2. At the boundary between Europe and Asia, 2-3 hours

The excursion “At the Boundary of Two Continents” starts from the Eastern part of the city and goes westward along the Siberian Route (also known as the Moscow Highway) to the obelisk “The Boundary of Europe and Asia” established on the geographic point where two parts of the world adjoin. Here you can stand with one leg in Europe and another one — in Asia and perform the boundary crossing rite…

In addition: An interactive entertainment program at the Europe-Asia boundary with the Mistress of the Copper Mountain, a karavai (round loaf), a folk music group and memorial ribbons awaits you.

1-2 persons 3–6 persons 7–9 persons 10-15 persons 16-18 persons 19- 25 persons 26-30 persons 31-35 persons 36-42 persons
93 EUR 125 EUR 148 EUR 172 EUR 178 EUR 208 EUR 213 EUR 227 EUR 245 EUR


3. Excursion dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution (with a visit to a museum in Verkhnyaya Pyshma), 4 hours

It is a great opportunity to see the most remarkable and amusing monuments, attractions, streets relating to the October Revolution in Yekaterinburg, to V. Lenin, Ya. Sverdlov, the family of the last Russian Emperor Nicolas II (Romanov), places of revolutionaries’ secret plots. You will visit an unexampled, the biggest Russian Ural Military Glory Museum in Verkhnyaya Pyshma with an area of 7 thou. sq. m, where the rarest samples of military and civil equipment are demonstrated: from presidential limousines to airplanes and artillery systems.


1-2 persons 3–6 persons 7–9 persons 10-15 persons 16-18 persons 19- 25 persons 26-30 persons 31-35 persons 36-42 persons
125 EUR 165 EUR 198 EUR 238 EUR 265 EUR 288 EUR 312 EUR 315 EUR 387 EUR


4. The Urals is a Golden Land. To the Place of Origin of the First Russian Gold in Beryozovsky, 11 km. from Yekaterinburg), 4 hours

It is the Urals where the great gold rush began after surface gold had been discovered for the first time in Russia, in the Town of Beryozovsky… Tourists will learn the legends and history of gold mining in the Urals, visit the museum “Russian Gold” and a 4-meter deep training mine for mine-rescue workers with subsurface corridors, mining mechanisms and structures.


1-2 persons 3–6 persons 7–9 persons 10-15 persons 16-18 persons 19- 25 persons 26-30 persons 31-35 persons 36-42 persons
138 EUR 183 EUR 221 EUR 278 EUR 303 EUR 348 EUR 375 EUR 405 EUR 490 EUR


You can send a request for individual excursions booking to emails,
or confirm it by phone:
+7 932 121 56 96 Elena Sosnovkikh– English, Russian languages
+7 904 171 61 50 Svetlana Mikhaleva – French, Russian languages

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